Agricultural equipment must also work reliably in heavily polluted environments and under the most adverse conditions. This can easily be remedied by using the SIMALUBE lubrication system.

Wet soil after rainfall makes earthworks difficult, but the automatic greasing cartridges lubricate the earthworking equipment spare parts 24 hours a day.


The benefits of using SIMALUBE

  • Reliable
    The wear and tear and corrosion of the spare parts caused by the polluted environment can be prevented and delayed by using automatic lubrication systems, which ensure continuous lubrication.
  • Environmentally friendly
    Environmental regulations must also be observed in agriculture. SIMALUBE products do not contain any toxic substances and the cartridges are refillable.
  • Practical
    SIMALUBE is the ideal solution for hard-to-reach points or critical lubrication points that are often forgotten.
  • Economically
    The use of SIMALUBE reduces the costs associated with over- or under-lubrication or incorrect lubrication. Due to the closed system, no contamination can get into the lubricant.

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